2017-2018 Samford University Catalog 
    Sep 25, 2023  
2017-2018 Samford University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

School of the Arts

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Joseph Hopkins, Dean, Professor, Music
Kathryn Fouse, Associate Dean, Division of Music, Professor, Music
Larry Thompson, Associate Dean, Division of Visual Arts, Professor, Art
Scott Fisk, Chair, Professor, Art
Jeannie C. Krumdieck, Chair, Professor, Interior Architecture
Don T. Sandley, Chair, Professor, Theatre and Dance
Eric L. Mathis, Chair, Academic Studies, Assistant Professor, Music
W. Randall Richardson, Chair, Performance Studies, Professor, Music


Since the earliest years of the University’s history, music and the dramatic arts have been a vital part of campus life. The college Glee Club sang at commencements, and seniors and dramatic arts students performed in campus productions during the school year. The Masquers Club, organized in 1933, invited all students to be a part of their dramatic productions. Within five years, the popularity of The Masquers Club increased to such a degree that their productions were limited to drama students only. Throughout the state, Howard College dramatic productions were well recognized, and that recognition continues to the present.

In 1948, the Board of Trustees unanimously approved the establishment of the Department of Music  to offer the bachelor of music degree. Prior to that time, music was taught on campus by professional musicians from a local music school through a cooperative agreement, but a bachelor’s degree was not offered. By 1952, the music curriculum was so successful that more teaching space was required to accommodate the demand for music courses. In 1970, the department was elevated to School status.

In 2001, dramatic arts, known as the Theatre Department , moved to the School of Music, and the school was renamed the School of Performing Arts with a Division of Music  and a Department of Theatre . A new major, musical theatre, was introduced, in both the music division and the theatre department. In 2008, the Department of Art  formally joined the school, which was renamed the School of the Arts .

In 2009, the theatre department was renamed the Department of Theatre and Dance , to recognize the expanded focus of the department. That same year, a new bachelor of fine arts in musical theatre was introduced.

In 2011, the Department of Interior Design formally joined the school and was renamed the Department of Interior Architecture , offering a bachelor of fine arts in interior design as well as a concentration in pre-architecture. In 2014, the Department of Art  and the Department of Interior Architecture  were joined together as the Division of Visual Arts.

School of the Arts Interdisciplinary Courses

SOA 200 - Arts in Society (3)  

SOA 250 - Arts Perspective (3)  

School of the Arts Core Courses

SOA 101 - Introduction to the Arts (1)  

SOA 102 - Professionalism in the Arts (1)  

SOA 301 - Creative Investigation (1)  

SOA 302 - Creative Investigation in Practice (1)  

SOA 460 - Senior Project: Art and Design (6)  

SOA 470 - Senior Project: Music (6)  

SOA 480 - Senior Project: Theatre (6)  

Departments and Program Offerings


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