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2017-2018 Samford University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Financial Information


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This policy provides the rates for tuition, fees, room, board and deposits, effective with the beginning of the fall semester 2017 through summer 2018.

We urge you to familiarize yourself with the information in this policy so you are aware of all charges before registration. Within these pages you will find billing dates, payment and refund policies, and other important information related to your student financial account.

The University makes every effort to hold increases to the lowest figure possible while providing quality programs of good value. Tuition and fees cover only a portion of Samford’s educational and general expenditures. For the remainder of its operating needs, the University relies primarily on the generous support of the Alabama Baptist State Convention, with which the University is affiliated, investment earnings, and gifts and grants from alumni, individuals, businesses, foundations, and other supporters.

Samford reserves the right to change tuition, other charges, refund procedures, and other policies.

Samford University is an Equal Opportunity Institution and does not discriminate in its educational and employment policies on the basis of race, color, sex, age, disability, or national or ethnic origin.

Tuition and Fees Payment Policy-All Students

Tuition and Fees Payment Guidelines

E-bill: E-bill notification that a new e-bill has been generated is sent to students via the Samford University e-mail, which remains the official means of communication with students; paper statements are not provided. Students are advised to check their e-mail regularly. Students and authorized users may access the e-bill system at any time at www.samford.edu/go/ebill.

Students registering during the early registration period will receive an e-bill approximately 15 days prior to the payment due date. The e-bill reflects activity up to the date the e-bill was generated. Any activity transpiring after the e-bill generation date can be viewed on the Account Activity section of the online e-bill system. The Account Activity page provides the current account balance that is due, including any unbilled charges and payments. To review the detail by term, select the appropriate term from the drop down box. Payment for term e-bills will be due in accordance with the schedule as seen below. Students who register/make schedule changes/add room and board, etc., after the e-bill generation date must consult the online system to view their account summary and arrange payment for all charges by the due date for the term regardless of whether or not the charge(s) have been billed.

Registration Cancellation: Students not paying their bill by the due date are subject to having their registration cancelled until payment is received. A student may be reinstated by paying the balance in full, plus a $100 reinstatement fee. Following this payment, the student will receive a clearance slip from the Bursar’s Office to provide to the Office of the Registrar as required to re-establish the student’s class schedule.

Students making changes to their schedule after the e-bill has been sent (usually at the beginning of a term or during drop/add) are required to make payment in full by the e-bill due date for the term, including additional charges resulting from the changes even though they may not have received an e-bill for these additional charges. Failure to make full payment will result in registration cancellation on the next business day after the end of the drop/add period as designated on the undergraduate day student academic calendar. 

E-bill generation, payment, and registration cancellation dates for each semester/monthly e-bill are noted on the payment schedule at:

Student link: http://www.samford.edu/departments/financial-services/
Parent link: http://www.samford.edu/parents/
Make payment - e-bill system link: www.samford.edu/go/ebill
International students wire payment option:


Holds: Students may not register for the next semester, receive transcripts, or receive a diploma until past due amounts are cleared. Other departments, such as University Health Services, may also have holds in place to restrict next semester registration, transcript requests, or receiving a diploma. Students must contact that department to resolve the hold placement. The Bursar’s Office does not have permission to release the holds placed by another department.

Collections: Past due accounts assigned to a collection agency may be reported to the credit bureaus and students may be responsible for attorney fees, collection fees, and interest. The University may charge interest on all amounts past due.

Payment Method Options for Students and Parents

Students may authorize parents or other designated individuals to access the e-bill system and make payments on their behalf. To enable this feature, a student must access the e-bill system and set up those individuals responsible for payment of their student account as an “Authorized User.” Students may set up an Authorized User by clicking on the link in their e-bill message, selecting the Authorized User tab, and following the instructions.

Authorized Users will receive e-mail notification when a new e-bill statement is issued. Click on the link in the e-mail or enter the link in your browser to access the e-bill system and make a payment.

E-bill System: www.samford.edu/go/ebill

Online Payments with Check

Payment by electronic check using the e-bill system is the most efficient and cost-effective payment option. Payment by electronic check may be made by using the e-bill system link above.

Online Payments with Credit Card

MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express may be used to make online payments by using the e-bill system link above. A 2.75% (minimum of $3.00) convenience fee will be assessed by the third-party web processor for payments made with a credit/debit card. Ebill payment link: https://secure.touchnet.com/C20180_tsa/web/login.jsp

International Wire Payments

International Students may make wire payments at https://www.samford.edu/global-engagement/wire-payment-service

Other Payment Options

The Bursar’s Office continues to accept payment by check through the mail, but the University is not responsible for delays of the postal service and late fees may apply if payments are received after the due date. Payment by check or cash may be made in person at the student window in the Bursar’s Office. A secure drop box for after-hours payments is located on the first floor of Samford Hall.

Payment Plans

In an attempt to offer an alternative to additional borrowing, Samford University provides interest-free payment plan options for all students enrolled in fall and/or spring semesters. Below is a brief description of the options available for the 2017-2018 academic year. For students who participated in past years, please note the plan details have changed and may operate differently. Please take time to explore the information below concerning the new plans available for the 2017-2018 academic year.

A five-payment option and a four-payment option will be available once again for the Fall 2017 term. Only a four-payment option will be available for Spring 2018. There are no payment plan options for Jan Term or Summer School in 2018. These plans allow a student to make a specified down payment, 20% for the five-payment option, and 25% for the four-payment options, and then carry out the remainder of the plan by making equal payments throughout the term on a prescribed schedule. Please visit the payment plan Web site referenced below for up-to-date information.

It is recommended students be fully registered and have room and board charges (if applicable) in place before enrolling in a plan. Furthermore, all financial aid paperwork and processing should be completed in order to obtain a true net cost to be used with a plan. Changes in tuition, fees, room, and board, as well as financial aid adjustments made after plan enrollment will affect remaining payments. Outstanding or past due balances from prior terms may not be placed on a payment plan and will prevent enrollment until the past due balance is paid in full. Current charges must be in excess of $1,000 in order to enroll in a plan. Plan participants must enroll during the designated enrollment period. Late enrollments are not permitted. The academic program in which the student is enrolled may prevent enrollment in a plan. See Web site for details.

Please note, enrollment in a payment plan after the start of semester due date may result in the charging of a late fee. Late installment payments may jeopardize a student’s ability to enroll in a payment plan in a subsequent term. Late fees may be charged for late installment payments. For up-to-date information regarding payment plans, please go to www.samford.edu/departments/financial-services/ and follow the payment plans link.

The Samford University Portal and associated online Student Services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, except for scheduled maintenance and unforeseen circumstances. Maintenance is scheduled in advance with notice to all students.

Should you encounter log-in problems, please contact the Personal Technology Group at (205) 726-2662.

NOTE: While every effort has been made to provide accurate and up-to-date information, specific financial details are subject to change. Please see the Bursar’s Office Web site for the latest information: http://www.samford.edu/departments/financial-services/

Payment/Refund Schedules for All Students

Any student with a past due balance will not be eligible to register for the next semester or obtain his/her transcript or diploma. Registration cancellation will be processed for all students with unpaid tuition, mandatory fees, room and board (billed and unbilled) on the date in the schedule below.


Refunds are first available within seven (7) to ten (10) business days after financial aid has been credited (disbursed) to the student’s account. Refunds will not be available before that time. Disbursement of aid on a student account is regulated based on the first day of class as indicated on the academic calendar for the student’s classification. The refund availability dates below are the earliest dates that the refunds will be available. These dates are subject to satisfactory completion/submission of all needed information by the student. The dates are subject to change and may be adjusted to comply with federal regulations governing refunds to students. Signing up for direct deposit in the e-bill system may expedite the receipt of any refunds.

Other Services, Requirements, and Costs

Activity Fees

Tennis, swimming, racquetball, and many other recreational activities are available without charge. The field house has an indoor jogging track. Outdoor activities such as white-water rafting, rappelling, etc., are sponsored by the Student Government Association. Fees are charged to cover the actual cost of these activities.

Books and Supplies

The estimated cost of books and supplies for an academic year is listed in the financial aid portion of the student portal. Samford University does not assess charges for books and supplies unless required by a program of study. Students are allowed to obtain books and supplies at the lowest cost possible.

Check Cashing

The Bookstore and Bursar’s Office are authorized to cash checks up to $50 per day for a student whose account is in good standing. The face of the check must have the student’s name, local address, telephone number, and student identification number. Students must present a valid photo ID. A student who presents a check to Samford University that is not honored by the bank will be charged $30. If that check is not redeemed within 10 days of notification, the student may be subject to disciplinary or legal action. All check cashing privileges are revoked after the third returned check.

Medical Insurance for Students

Some students in the College of Health Sciences are required to provide proof of current personal health insurance coverage. These students are automatically enrolled in the University sponsored student health insurance plan. There is a charge for this coverage. To have the charge removed from his/her Samford account, a student must provide proof of insurance by completing the insurance waiver at https://studentcenter.uhcsr.com/Samford.

International Students: Based upon federal regulations and University policy, all F and J visa holders are required to carry insurance that meets certain coverage requirements. Information about specific policy carriers, minimum coverage, and premium costs is available from the Office of Global Engagement at (205) 726-4334.

Membership Fees

Some student organizations have an annual membership fee. In addition, Greek organizations have monthly dues along with an initiation fee. These fees are charged directly by such organizations and will not be posted on student accounts.

Personal Property Insurance

Students at college have a large investment in personal property. The University is not liable for these losses simply because the loss occurs on campus. All students, especially those who live in residence halls, should insure their personal property either through their parent’s homeowner’s insurance or through a private insurance policy. The University has established an insurance program through National Student Services, Inc. This insurer provides personal property insurance for students at over 1,000 colleges and universities. For more information on student personal property insurance, see www.nssi.com or pick up a brochure at the Residence Life Office, 106 Beeson University Center.

Residence Hall Special Fees and Fines

Students are expected to show good stewardship of their rooms and furnishings and to abide by all University policies. There are fines for key and lock replacement, damage to facilities, and failure to follow proper procedures for room change and checkout. If imposed, these charges will be placed on a student’s account, along with other fees established for special services or other purposes.

Students canceling their housing contract prior to the end of the term of the agreement are subject to a substantial cancellation fee. Students occupying rooms during scheduled break periods will be charged substantially for extra housing stay.

Residence hall rooms are furnished with beds, desks, chairs, chests, and blinds. Students may wish to add approved appliances and decorations. It is recommended that this be done in communication with their roommate prior to or after arrival on campus. Washing machines and dryers are available in each residence hall. All washers and dryers are free to use.

The Samford Card and Bulldog Bucks

All students are required to have an official Samford University photo ID (Samford Card) made and recorded by the Department of Public Safety and Emergency Management. The ID offers students a convenient, safe, and easy way to make purchases and utilize campus services. It is used as an identification card, meal card, library card, and for access to certain facilities. With activation of Bulldog Bucks, the Samford Card can be used to make purchases on campus. Bulldog Bucks work similarly to a checking account in that deposited funds are debited each time a student makes a purchase.

The following Web site, http://bulldogbucks.samford.edu, will allow students, parents, and employees to deposit money online, without any credit card fees, into Bulldog Bucks. By using the link, http://bulldogbucks.samford.edu, cardholders can budget their account by tracking spending and reporting a lost or stolen card at any time.

Student Telephone Services

Local telephone service is included in housing charges. Telephones are not included and must be provided by the student. Resident students can dial any local or intra-campus call with no additional charge.

Samford no longer provides long-distance services to students. Most students use the long-distance services provided by their own cellular telephone service plan. Students who need long distance services should make arrangements with a long distance carrier and use that carrier’s access (usually dialing an 800 number) to make long-distance calls. For more information regarding telephone service, contact Telephone Services at (205) 726-2996.

Financial Aid Information

Students seeking financial aid should file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at www.fafsa.gov. Our priority date is February 15 for the upcoming academic year. Students who filed the FAFSA on or before that date will comprise the first group for which we package and award financial aid for the upcoming academic year. FAFSAs filed after February 15 will be processed in the order they are received.

Students may obtain information regarding financial aid online at www.samford.edu/financialaid or by telephone at (205) 726-2905. Students are encouraged to use these resources for information or questions regarding financial aid at Samford University.

Drop and Add Policy for All Students

Class Drops and Adds

Drops, adds, and other changes in a student class schedule that do not involve complete withdrawal from school are subject to the following rules:

  1. During drop/add, if a schedule change results in a reduction of the student’s total credits (less than full-time), tuition may be adjusted within 30 days. Any reduction in a student’s course load may result in an adjustment in the student’s financial aid.
  2. After the last day to drop a course(s), dropping a course(s) will not result in a reduction of charges for tuition or fees.
  3. There are no refunds of fees unless the course related to the fee is dropped within the drop/add period, or one withdraws as outlined below.

Charges will be adjusted according to these financial policies and the credits taken by the student. Complete withdrawal from the University is covered under the refund and withdrawal policy. (See also Elective Withdrawal  in the Academic Policies and Regulations  section of this catalog.)

Withdrawal Refund Policy for All Students

Student Withdrawal

The University is required to contract for a substantial amount of goods and services in advance. Most of these expenses are fixed and are not subject to change on short notice. Under certain circumstances, a refund on tuition is available to students who officially withdraw from the University. A student desiring to withdraw from the University must obtain an official withdrawal form from the Office of the Registrar. The form must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar when it is completed.

This policy applies to all terms including fall and spring semesters, fall and spring A/B terms, summer terms, and Jan Term. If a student withdraws from all courses in a term, a portion or all financial aid may be returned by the University to the original provider(s) of the funding. In such cases where the return of funds creates a balance due to Samford, the student will be required to reimburse the University for those returned funds and any associated fees.. (See also Elective Withdrawal  in the Academic Policies and Regulations  section of this catalog.)

Withdrawal Refund Policy for Fall Semester

In case of a complete withdrawal or suspension from Samford, the following will dictate refunds:

Refund Schedule for Fall 2017

Description Start Date End Date Refund %
Fall Full Term 8/28/17 9/1/17 100%
  9/4/17 9/8/17 90%
  9/11/17 9/15/17 75%
  9/18/17 9/29/17 50%
  10/2/17 10/25/17 25%
Fall A Term 8/21/17 8/25/17 100%
  8/28/17 9/1/17 90%
  9/4/17 9/8/17 75%
  9/11/17 9/15/17 50%
  9/18/17 9/27/17 25%
Fall B Term 10/16/17 10/20/17 100%
  10/23/17 10/27/17 90%
  10/30/17 11/3/17 75%
  11/6/17 11/10/17 50%
  11/13/17 11/22/17 25%


First day of class - UG Calendar - 8/28/17
Last day to drop/add - UG Calendar - 9/1/17

First day of class - Fall A - 8/21/17
Last day to drop/add - Fall A - 8/25/17

First day of class - Fall B - 10/16/17
Last day to drop/add - Fall B - 10/20/17

Withdrawal Refund Policy for Jan Term

In case of a complete withdrawal or suspension from Samford, the following will dictate refunds:

Refund Schedule for Jan Term 2018

Description Start Date End Date Refund %
Jan Term Full Term 1/3/18 1/5/18 100%
  1/8/18 1/8/18 90%
  1/9/18 1/9/18 75%
  1/10/18 1/10/18 50%
  1/11/18 1/11/18 25%


First day of class - 1/3/18
Last day to drop/add - 1/5/18

Withdrawal Refund Policy for Spring Semester

In case of a complete withdrawal or suspension from Samford, the following will dictate refunds:

Refund Schedule for Spring 2018

Description Start Date End Date Refund %
Spring Full Term 1/22/18 1/26/18 100%
  1/29/18 2/2/18 90%
  2/5/18 2/9/18 75%
  2/12/18 2/23/18 50%
  2/26/18 3/21/18 25%
Spring A Term 1/22/18 1/26/18 100%
  1/29/18 2/2/18 90%
  2/5/18 2/9/18 75%
  2/12/18 2/16/18 50%
  2/19/18 2/28/18 25%
Spring B Term 3/19/18 3/23/18 100%
  3/26/18 3/30/18 90%
  4/2/18 4/6/18 75%
  4/9/18 4/13/18 50%
  4/16/18 4/25/18 25%


First day of class - UG and A Calendar - 1/22/18
Last day to drop/add - Spring A - 1/26/18 (subject to chg)
Last day to drop/add - UG Cal - 1/29/18 (subject to chg)

First day of class - Spring B - 3/19/18
Last day to drop/add - Spring B - 3/23/18

Withdrawal Refund Policy for Summer  Terms

In case of a complete withdrawal or suspension from Samford, the following will dictate refunds:

Refund Schedule for Summer 2018

Description Start Date End Date Refund %
Summer Full Term
(includes both 14-week and 10-week Parts of Term)
5/14/18 (14-wk term)
6/4/18 (10-wk term)
6/8/18 100%
  6/11/18 6/15/18 90%
  6/18/18 6/22/18 75%
  6/25/18 6/29/18 50%
  7/2/18 7/13/18 25%
Summer I Term 6/4/18 6/7/18 100%
  6/8/18 6/11/18 90%
  6/12/18 6/13/18 75%
  6/14/18 6/15/18 50%
  6/18/18 6/19/18 25%
Summer II Term 7/9/18 7/12/18 100%
  7/13/18 7/16/18 90%
  7/17/18 7/18/18 75%
  7/19/18 7/20/18 50%
  7/23/18 7/24/18 25%


Summer 14-week Term: First day of class - 5/14/18
Summer 14-week Term: Last day to drop/add - 5/18/18

Summer 10-week Term: First day of class - 6/4/18
Summer 10-week Term: Last day to drop/add - 6/7/18

Summer I Term: First day of class - 6/4/18
Summer I Term: Last day to drop/add - 6/7/18

Summer II Term: First day of class - 7/9/18
Summer II Term: Last day to drop/add - 7/12/18

Refund and Cancellation Policy for Abroad Programs

Different refund and cancellation policies apply to the various abroad programs. A copy of these refund and cancellation policies may be obtained from the sponsoring department or school.

Military Call to Active Duty

Students will be allowed to withdraw without penalty from the University and receive a 100 percent tuition remission (less any financial aid which the student may have received for the semester) upon presenting an original copy of their orders to the dean of academic services.

Alternatively, incomplete (INC) grades with no tuition reimbursement may be more appropriate when the withdrawal is near the end of the semester and INCs are agreed to by the instructor(s) and the student and approved by the dean of the school or college. In the latter case, the student will be allowed to complete the coursework according to a written agreement submitted to the Office of the Registrar. Incomplete grades and withdrawals may affect your financial aid eligibility. Please contact your financial aid advisor if you are a recipient of Title IV aid.

Return of Title IV Funds

Federal financial aid funds are awarded with the expectation that students will complete the entire period of enrollment. Students “earn” a percentage of the funds that are disbursed to them with each day of class attendance. When a student, who has received federal financial aid (Title IV funds), leaves school before the end of the semester or period of enrollment, federal law requires the University to calculate the percentage and amount of “unearned financial aid funds that must be returned to the federal government.” This calculation may have the effect of requiring the student to repay funds that have already been disbursed to the student.

Once a student has completed more than 60 percent of the enrollment period, students are considered to have earned all funding received. The University will not reduce the amount owed simply because of the loss of eligibility of financial aid. Thus, withdrawal prior to completion of 60 percent of the semester may result in the student repaying portions of financial aid returned to federal sources, in addition to any institutional costs owed to the University. Students are urged to consider these financial implications prior to making the decision to withdraw from school.

Refund Appeal

Students who believe that they have individual circumstances warranting an exception to published refund policies may appeal. To appeal, the student or parent should contact:

University Registrar
Office of the Registrar
Samford University
800 Lakeshore Drive
Birmingham, Alabama 35229


Brief Definition of Terms Used in Financial Policies

In all of the following situations, students must complete the proper forms in the Office of the Registrar.

Arbitrarily discontinuing class attendance does not substitute for official notification of course dropping or withdrawal.

Drops and Adds

Adding a Course: A course can be added anytime on or before the date listed on the Academic Calendar as “Last Day to Drop or Add a Course(s).” Payment for the course is due the day the course is added.

Dropping a Course: This term applies to the complete removal of a course from a student’s permanent record. This can only be done if the student notifies the Office of the Registrar on or before the date listed on the Academic Calendar as “Last Day to Drop or Add a Course(s).”

If a student notifies the Office of the Registrar after this date, the course will be considered a withdrawal, will remain on the student’s permanent record with a grade of W or WF (see below), and no financial reimbursement will be given. (See Course Withdrawal  in Academic Policies and Regulations.)


Course Withdrawal: Course Withdrawal is also often referred to as Partial Withdrawal. In order to be considered as withdrawn from a course, a student must complete an official Drop/Add or Course Withdrawal Form in the Office of the Registrar on or before the date listed on the Academic Calendar as “Last Day to Withdraw from a Course(s) without Academic Penalty.” If these requirements are met, the student will receive an automatic grade of W. If the student withdraws after the date listed on the Academic Calendar, the student will receive an automatic grade of WF. (See Course Withdrawal  in Academic Policies and Regulations.)

There is no financial reimbursement for course withdrawal.

School Withdrawal: This term refers to officially leaving Samford University and discontinuing attending all classes. Financial reimbursement will be based on the University’s refund policies for withdrawal. (See Withdrawal Policy in this section and Elective Withdrawal  -School Withdrawal in Academic Policies and Regulations.)

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