2021-2022 Samford University Undergraduate Catalog 
    Jun 04, 2023  
2021-2022 Samford University Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Christian Ministry

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Scott L. Guffin, Executive Director, Assistant Professor
Jervis ‘J.D.’ Payne, Professor
Galen W. Jones, Assistant Professor

Undergraduate Programs and Requirements

Christian Ministry Major (B.A.)  

Church & Culture Minor 
Intercultural Engagement Minor  

Accelerated Bachelor-to-Graduate Pathway Program
Fast-Track Master of Divinity (M.Div.) with a B.A. in Christian Ministry
The Department of Christian Ministry offers a major in Christian ministry that leads to a bachelor of arts degree. The department also offers two minors, one in church and culture and one in intercultural engagement.

In cooperation with the Beeson School of Divinity, the department offers an accelerated bachelor-to-graduate pathway program-a fast-track master of divinity (M.Div.)-that allows qualified students majoring in Christian ministry the opportunity to complete requirements for both the B.A. and M.Div. in approximately six years of study. See below for more information.

General Education: University Core Curriculum and Distribution Requirements

General Education Distribution Requirements are noted in the individual degree tables. In those cases where a requirement is not specified, see General Education Overview  in the Howard College of Arts and Sciences introductory pages for a list of required and applicable courses.

Fast-Track Master of Divinity (M.Div.)

Fast-Track B.A./M.Div. Admission Requirements

The accelerated bachelor of arts (B.A.) to master of divinity (M.Div.) program of study allows select students to complete requirements for both degrees in a minimum of six years of study rather than the typical minimum of seven years of study.* This program of study is available to qualified students majoring in Christian ministry. Acceptance to the program is limited to students who demonstrate the maturity and discipline to advance their course of study and their preparation for vocational ministry leadership.

Students interested in the accelerated B.A. to M.Div. program should seek guidance from their advisor as early as possible in their undergraduate studies. The undergraduate program of study must include specific courses. Students may apply for admission upon completion of 48 credit hours of undergraduate studies. Applicants are evaluated on their academic performance, spiritual maturity, and vocational clarity. Admission to the accelerated program is limited.

Students must complete 96 credit hours of undergraduate coursework before beginning their graduate theological studies. Upon completion of the initial 32 credit hours of graduate-level coursework, a student is awarded the bachelor of arts degree. The master of divinity degree is awarded upon completion of the 55 credit hours of additional graduate theological courses.

Students admitted to the accelerated B.A. to M.Div. program must participate in a co-curricular program of spiritual and vocational mentoring.

Program details are available from the student’s major advisor.
*The potential six-year minimum does not account for advanced placement credit or transfer credit which a student may bring to Samford. Any such credit may reduce the total program of study to less than six years.




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