Samford University Catalog 2016-2017 Academic Year 
    Jul 16, 2018  
Samford University Catalog 2016-2017 Academic Year [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Psychology Major (B.A.)

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Courses should be selected in consultation with an advisor and in accordance to students’ interests and career goals. The psychology major does not require a minor in any other discipline; however, students are encouraged to select a minor or a concentration of courses that will complement their interests, and educational and career goals.

Students typically take  PSYC 305 - Statistics for the Social Sciences (4)  and PSYC 306 - Research Methods (4)  as a sequence during their junior year.

Students who take both PSYC 205 - Life-Span Development (4)  and PSYC 210 - Child and Adolescent Psychology (4)   may count only one of them toward the major or minor.

Students who intend to pursue graduate study and a career in psychology or a related area should take PSYC 301 - Internship (2-4)  and/or PSYC 401 - Journal Seminar (1)  . These courses will help students to explore career options, gain pre-professional experience, and prepare for graduate work. PSYC 301  and PSYC 401  may be taken on a pass/fail basis only and will not count toward the major or minor. Students may take PSYC 401  more than once for credit. Students may take PSYC 301  up to two times for credit, as long as the internship placements differ.

Students may take PSYC 411 - Special Topics in Psychology (2-4)  more than once if the topics are different and with permission of the department chair.

Some elective courses are not offered on a regular basis but are taught as student interest dictates and faculty resources allow.

Some courses are cross listed with multiple departments, permitting students the option to register for the same class through different departmental designations. For example, a student can take Human Sexuality and register for it as HDFE 324 , PSYC 324 , or SOCI 324 . This gives students options that can help in their planning and completion of course curricular requirements. For such cross listed courses, students may take the course for credit only once. Furthermore, students may use the course to fulfill only one requirement for a major or minor. The course cannot be used to count for two different majors or minors regardless of the department in which the course was registered.

Required Courses

University Core Curriculum: 22 Credits

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General Education Requirements: 29-30 Credits

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Psychology Major (Bachelor of Arts): 40 Credits

General Electives: 36-37 Credits

Total Required Credits: 128

* Any course listed under section II (Human Development and Interaction) or III (Experimental Psychology) not taken to fulfill a requirement may count as a psychology elective with one restriction: only PSYC 205  or PSYC 210  , but not both, may count towards the major.

** PSYC 324  is cross-listed with HDFE 324  and SOCI 324 ; students may apply any one of these toward this requirement, but the same course cannot simultaneously apply to another major or minor.

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