2013-2014 Samford University Catalog 
    Feb 01, 2023  
2013-2014 Samford University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

International Relations Interdisciplinary Concentration, B.A.

International relations is an interdisciplinary concentration based in the Department of Political Science, drawing on courses offered in numerous departments across campus. It has a required set of courses in the disciplines of political science, history, world languages, and economics. Beyond the required courses, students are offered the flexibility of pursuing either an Analytical or Culture and Region Track, which allows students to take courses in a wide variety of disciplines.

Required Courses

University Core Curriculum: 22 Credits

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General Education Requirements: 30 Credits

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IREL Interdisciplinary Concentration: 57-60 Credits

International Relations Core: 36 Credits

World Languages (8)

  • Two 4-credit courses at the 300-400 level
Methods and Capstone (8)

International Relations Tracks: 21-24 Credits

Choose one of two tracks–Analytical or Culture & Region–and complete four (4) courses from the primary track and two (2) courses from the secondary track.

  • Primary Track (4 courses): (13-16)
  • Secondary Track (2 courses): (6-8)
Culture and Region Track Courses: 16 or 8 Credits

If primary track, complete four (4) courses (16 credits).***
If secondary track, complete two (2) courses (8 credits).

General Electives: 16-19

Total Required Credits: 128

* Students may choose an alternate upper-level history course if unable to enroll in HIST 317 .

** Students may, after consultation with international relations faculty, choose two alternate courses in a separate research-oriented track in history (HIST 300  & HIST 495 ), world languages, or economics/business.

*** Students choosing the Culture & Region Track as their primary track must complete two 4-credit language courses (at the 300-400 level) as part of the primary track requirement.