2013-2014 Samford University Catalog 
    Jun 19, 2024  
2013-2014 Samford University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

University Core Curriculum and General Education Requirements

University Core Curriculum

The University Core and General Education curricula are designed to provide an academic foundation for work toward the major field of study and should be completed as early as possible. All freshmen are required to take the University Core Curriculum at Samford (22 credits). It is recommended that students be registered for Cultural Perspectives I (UCCP 101 ) in their first semester. They should also register for Communication Arts I (UCCA 101 ) or Communication Arts II (UCCA 102 ), depending on their placement. Students should consult their academic advisors for recommended scheduling.

Total Required Credits: 18-22


* Core curriculum requirements cannot be met through transient enrollment.

** Placement into UCCA 102 , bypassing the requirement to complete UCCA 101 , does not exempt students from the minimum number of hours required for their chosen degree program (usually 128). These students may need to complete an additional four hours of a General Elective.

General Education Requirements

The table below is the standard general education curriculum for Samford students and as such, is part of most degree programs offered. However, some schools, departments, degrees, majors, or minors may require variations to this standard. Please consult those department sections to see details on how general education variations may apply. See table footnotes for additional information.

Mathematics: 4 Credits

(select one course)

Physical Activity***: 2 Credits

Total Required Credits: 30


* Language Requirement: A placement exam alone cannot satisfy this requirement for most majors (see Exceptions). For more info, see the World Languages and Cultures  section.

Language Credits: Four (4) credits of language are required (202 or higher for most programs; 102 or higher for selected programs). However, many students will complete up to 16 language credits. These additional credits will be applied to the General Electives block of the student’s program, if applicable.

Greek/Hebrew: One year of Greek, plus one year of Hebrew, may be taken in lieu of two years in the same language.

Exceptions: Students in the School of Business and in selected programs in the School of Education are exempt from completion of a 4-credit language course if placement scores are sufficient.

** INTL 202  satisfies the entire fine arts requirement. Other acceptable substitutions: For ART 200  (ART 301 , ART 381 , ART 382 , ART 383 , or INTL 201 ; for MUSC 200  (INTL 201 ); for THEA 200  (INTL 200 ). Theatre minors majoring in fields outside the School of the Arts may substitute THEA 101   & THEA 102  for THEA 200 .  

*** Select two different 1-credit, fitness-based activity courses (see the Physical Activity Program  for a list of applicable courses); one of the two MUST be a non-varsity activity. If PHED 138  is passed, successful completion of UCFH 120  satisfies this requirement. Other acceptable substitutions for one PE credit: One semester of ROTC, marching band (MUSC 1739  or MUSC 3739 ), or dance (DANC 100 , DANC 101 , DANC 102 , DANC 201 , DANC 202 , DANC 211 , DANC 212 , DANC 301 , or DANC 302 ).

Double-Dipping Note: Students may not “double-dip” by counting a course for credit in both their major and as a general education requirement, unless otherwise noted in the department section. They may, however, count a general education course towards a minor. 

University Fellows Note: University Fellows students follow a unique core curriculum, but adhere to the general education requirements of the various degree programs, as necessary. See the University Fellows Program  section for more information.

Study Abroad Note: Courses in London and other international settings may meet general education requirements for humanities, social science, and natural and computational science, subject to approval by the department chair of the course equivalent.