2019-2020 Samford University Undergraduate Catalog 
    Jul 16, 2024  
2019-2020 Samford University Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Psychology Major (B.A.)

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Courses should be selected in consultation with an advisor and in accordance to students’ interests and career goals. The psychology major does not require a minor in any other discipline; however, students are encouraged to select a minor or a concentration of courses that will complement their interests, and educational and career goals.

  • Students typically take PSYC 305 (Statistics for the Social Sciences)  and PSYC 306 (Research Methods)  as a sequence during their junior year.
  • Students who take both PSYC 205 (Life-Span Development)  and PSYC 210 (Child and Adolescent Psychology)  may count only one of them toward the major or minor.
  • Students who intend to pursue graduate study and a career in psychology or a related area should take PSYC 301 (Internship)  and/or PSYC 401 (Journal Seminar) . These courses will help students to explore career options, gain pre-professional experience, and prepare for graduate work.
  • PSYC 301  and PSYC 401  may be taken on a pass/fail basis only and will not count toward the major or minor.
  • Students may take PSYC 401  more than once for credit.
  • Students may take PSYC 301  up to two times for credit, as long as the internship placements differ.
  • Students may take PSYC 411 (Special Topics in Psychology)  more than once if the topics are different and with permission of the department chair.
  • Some elective courses are not offered on a regular basis but are taught as student interest dictates and faculty resources allow.
  • Some courses are cross-listed with multiple departments, permitting students the option to register for the same class through different departmental designations. For example, a student can take Human Sexuality and register for it as HDFE 324 , PSYC 324 , or SOCI 324 . This gives students options that can help in their planning and completion of course curricular requirements. For such cross-listed courses, students may take the course for credit only once. Furthermore, students may use the course to fulfill only one requirement for a major or minor. The course cannot be used to count for two different majors or minors regardless of the department in which the course was registered.

Required Courses

General Education - Univ Core Curriculum: 22 Credits

Click here  to view the General Education - University Core Curriculum requirements.

General Education - Distribution Areas: 27 Credits

Click here  to view the General Education Distribution Area requirements.

Psychology Major (Bachelor of Arts): 40 Credits

General Electives: 39 Credits

Total Required Credits: 128

*Any course listed under section II (Human Development and Interaction) or III (Experimental Psychology) not taken to fulfill a requirement may count as a psychology elective with one restriction: only PSYC 205  or PSYC 210 , but not both, may count towards the major.
**PSYC 324  is cross-listed with HDFE 324  and SOCI 324 ; students may apply any one of these toward this requirement, but the same course cannot simultaneously apply to another major or minor.

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