2018-2019 Samford University Undergraduate Catalog 
    Aug 21, 2019  
2018-2019 Samford University Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

French Major (B.A.)

The bachelor of arts in French language and literature prepares students for a variety of career and graduate school options. The program of study may be combined with essential education courses to earn teacher certification.

Required Courses

General Education - Univ Core Curriculum: 22 Credits

Click here  to view the General Education - University Core Curriculum requirements.

General Education - Distribution Areas: 27 Credits

Click here  to view the General Education Distribution Area requirements.

French Major: 36 Credits

French Core: 16 Credits

Elementary/Intermediate Courses: 4-12 Credits*

 FREN 101, 102, 201, as needed to achieve placement into FREN 202  or FREN 203 *

Intermediate/Accelerated Intermediate Course: 4 Credits**

FREN 202 or 203 (or placement into FREN 301 )**

French Electives: 20 Credits

Choose 20 additional credits of 300/400-level FREN courses

Required Minor: 20 Credits

General Electives: 23 Credits

Total Required Credits: 128

* These credits count towards General Electives.
** These credits also count towards General Education Requirements .
*** Senior Project may be replaced by an eighth upper-level course by second majors only.