2017-2018 Samford University Catalog 
    May 21, 2024  
2017-2018 Samford University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Language & World Trade Interdisciplinary Concentration (B.A.)

The language and world trade interdisciplinary concentration, offered in cooperation with the School of Business, is a comprehensive combination of linguistic skills and essential business knowledge. It concludes with an international trade internship. Completion of this interdisciplinary concentration satisfies general education foreign language and social science requirements for the College of Arts and Sciences. Students majoring in language and world trade may choose a specialty in French, German, Spanish, or another world language offered by the WLAC department.

Required Courses

General Education - Univ Core Curriculum: 22 Credits

Click here  to view the General Education - University Core Curriculum requirements.

General Education - Distribution Areas: 27 Credits

Click here  to view the General Education Distribution Area requirements.

Language & World Trade Interdisciplinary Concentration: 72-80 Credits

Language Courses: 41 Credits

Business and Mathematics Courses: 31 Credits

General Electives: 0-7 Credits

Total Required Credits: 128-131

* Four of the language credits are included in the General Education Requirements ; the balance will be applied towards General Electives. ECON 201  will satisfy the general education social science requirement.

** Students who score high enough on placement criteria may register for these courses.

*** Spanish majors only.