2022-2023 Samford University Undergraduate Catalog 
    Jun 05, 2023  
2022-2023 Samford University Undergraduate Catalog

Global Engagement Office

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Lauren E. Doss, Director, Global Engagement
Jill P. Fisse, Director, Samford Abroad
Jennifer L. Beck, International Student and Scholar Coordinator
Alexis R. Whiting, Samford Abroad Advisor
Jennifer H. Lackey, Compliance Coordinator
Thomas I. J. Crosby, Daniel House Residence Director
Joanna Burkhart, Daniel House Academic Director

Samford offers opportunities to take courses abroad that develop and expand students’ personal, academic, and professional goals. Samford seeks to engage students and faculty with the peoples and cultures of other countries; to provide on-site observation of historical, scientific, and cultural phenomena; and to provide opportunities for foreign language study within the cultural context of the target languages.

Samford Abroad

Samford Abroad Offers a variety of programs each term. Students can apply for short-term faculty-led programs, affiliate/exchange programs, and/or Samford’s signature study abroad experience, the Samford in London semester or summer program at the Daniel House.  For current program offerings, please visit http://abroad.samford.edu.

The Daniel House

As part of its commitment to internationalization, Samford University provides a special opportunity for students and faculty to live and study in one of the most cosmopolitan and culturally rich cities of the world–London. Daniel House, Samford’s London Study Centre, serves as home and classroom to students and faculty throughout the year in a variety of academic programs. The House underwent a major renovation in 2018-2019 to improve accommodations, student learning spaces, and resident manager and faculty facilities. 

Daniel House is located in the heart of London near Kensington Gardens, the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Museum of Natural History, and the former residences of Winston Churchill, T.S. Eliot, Alfred Hitchcock, and John Lennon. Over 130 years old, the Victorian townhouse serves as the setting for a semester abroad program during fall and spring semesters for students and professors-in-residence from the Birmingham campus. In addition to courses taught by the Samford professors in their fields, British professors present courses that focus on British theatre, history, culture, and life. Students may also participate in experiential learning to complete their course of study.

During May Term the Daniel House is the base for Samford faculty and students involved in accelerated, specialized courses that take advantage of the London setting. These sessions offer a variety of courses focusing on subjects such as arts appreciation, English literature, the British health care system, the theology and history of the English Reformation, London as a world financial center, international public health, and much more.

During the Samford in London semester abroad, students live, work, and study like Londoners. While residing at the Daniel House, students will participate in an internship related to their field of study for six credit hours. Additionally they will enroll in at least one course taught by the faculty-in-residence and one course taught by a British professor. Students must enroll in 12 to 18 credit hours.

During Summer Term, students can experience a similar but condensed version of the semester in London. Summer participants will take one course plus a three-credit hour internship.

The faculty-in-residence for the semester and summer program in London rotates among the various Samford colleges. Because the application process is competitive, students are encouraged to speak with their advisor early to determine when their college is represented and when it will be the best time to study abroad within their degree program.    

Courses in London vary each term. For more information on the courses or programs based at the Daniel House, please contact the Global Engagement Office in Brooks Hall 221, phone (205) 726-2741, or online at http://www.samford.edu/global-engagement/.


Samford University students must meet eligibility requirements to study abroad. The applicant must have a minimum 2.50 GPA, must not be on academic or disciplinary probation, and must have sophomore standing or above at the time of participation. All student applications for Samford Abroad programs are reviewed and approved by Samford Student Affairs. Students must have met all prerequisites or requirements for all classes in which they enroll. A student must maintain these standards prior to departure and throughout the term and must abide by participation rules; failure to do so will result in dismissal from the program and return home at the expense of the student.

Cost and Activities

See the Financial Information, Undergraduate Tuition and Fees  section for information on study abroad costs. Please note that fees vary by program. For additional information, contact the Global Engagement Office for exact amounts, payment due dates, and/or cancellation and refund policies at (205) 726-2741. See also the Samford One Stop website for the latest tuition and fee info: http://www.samford.edu/admission/tuition-and-fees/. Please visit http://abroad.samford.edu for specific program cost information. 

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Cancellation/withdrawal and refund policies for study abroad programs are different from the policies for on-campus programs. Before registration in any study abroad program, please review the withdrawal and refund policy associated with the program application.

International Students and Scholars Services

The Global Engagement Office (GEO) provides immigration advisory services and assistance for the community of non-immigrant students, scholars, and employees that the University sponsors. GEO is the primary office responsible for the University’s compliance with the U.S. federal immigration regulations.

Contact Info:

Global Engagement Office
Brooks Hall 221
(205) 726-2741

International/Semester Abroad Courses

Because of the nature of the program and the small number of participants in a semester, course offerings are limited. It is recommended that students contact the Global Engagement Office early in their academic career to plan for a semester abroad. See below for a list of international studies courses. Please note that INTL 200, 201, and 202 are not always available.

Note: Bridging London is available under the current disciplines

CLAS 361 - Bridging London (4) 
GEOG 361 - Bridging London (4) 
HIST 361 - Bridging London (4) 
JMC 361 - Bridging London (4) 
POLS 361 - Bridging London (4) 
SOCI 361 - Bridging London (4)  

Other courses vary. Current information is available from the Global Engagement Office.


    International Studies

    Please note that INTL 200, 201, and 202 are not always available.